Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Review

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Review – Ultimate Flagship Or An ultimate Letdown?


The Samsung Galaxy Note arrangement is just about ten years old. Inside that time, the pointer wearing handset has delivered a lot of innovations, for example, curved screen and edge control, which has, maybe obviously, become the relative standard in the realm of cell phones.

Accordingly, the Note 20 Ultra, the 2020 lead in Samsung’s Galaxy stable, was, to some degree, promoted as “only one more Note well before being revealed, given the absence of any genuine executioner new component to bait new punters in.

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Instead of taking the skeptical view, in any case, we can perceive any reason why that is a positive opinion. Because the Note 20 Ultra checks all the privilege confines a currently settled organization that its rivals are quick to imitate. In any case, not one has dealt with that undertaking to date.

So is the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra a definitive leader for those looking for a handset with a coordinated pointer? Or then again, does its clear nonattendance of any sizeable new element eventually cost its allure?


  • Completions: Mystic Bronze/Mystic Black/Mystic White
  • Gorilla Glass 7 security front and back
  • Under-screen unique finger impression scanner
  • IP68 water/dust obstruction
  • 8.1mm thickness

As you would have assembled from the Ultra name, there’s additionally a typical Note 20. Which is somewhat littler in height, curtails a portion of the better quality completion alternatives.

Be that as it may, back to the Ultra, which has gone all spiritualist this time around as there’s Mystic Bronze, Mystic Black, and Mystic White. The bronze is more peach/gold in our view, as should be evident from our photos.

However that is for quite some time been a shade of offer. There’s no pretentious, ultra-sparkly, rainbow-like, or fluorescent completes this time around, which is most likely generally advantageous.

Samsung says the back which is covered in Gorilla Glass 7, similarly according to the front, has another finished fog finish, which assists with eliminating fingerprints and smears.

This bronze completion does sensibly well in such manner, yet the dark variant doesn’t endure the unique mark smear challenge very also, it must be said.


  • 6.9-inch Super AMOLED board
  • WQHD+ goal (3088 x 1440)
  • Versatile revive rate up to 120Hz

The Ultra’s 6.9-inch screen sounds humungous, yet that is a significant piece of this current gadget’s intrigue. Additionally, it gets a ton right. It’s Super AMOLED first of all, so blacks are dark, and hues genuinely pop. It has curved edges. It’s incredibly splendid as well, which is practically turning into a Samsung brand name.

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There’s even a dynamic revive rate – which Samsung is by all accounts overplaying, yet it has been accessible in different leader telephones for quite a while. The most extreme invigorate is 120Hz, which means 120 cycles each second.

It makes perfection when, state, looking in an internet-based life application. It’s additionally helpful for higher casing rate games if your eyes are sufficiently shrewd to differentiate.

It’s an oddity that Samsung doesn’t empower 120Hz as a full-time choice – it’s dynamic. For example, the product will decide if it’s 12Hz, 30Hz, 90Hz, or whatever it considers fundamental for ideal execution dependent on what’s going on continuously.

We’ve not had the option to determine what the product has been choosing during our ten days of testing for this audit, so it’s consistent usage of this dynamic component.


  • Triple back camera framework:
  • Zoom: 12MP, f/3.0, 1.0µm, OIS, 50x mixture zoom
  • Wide: 12MP, f/2.2, 1.4µm
  • Forward-looking: 10MP, f/2.2, 1.22µm.

Talking about the S20 arrangement, the Note 20 Ultra has picked a portion of the feature getting highlights from the S20 Ultra. First of all, there’s a 108-megapixel primary sensor. For zooming, another 12-megapixel sensor is ready, equipped for 5x optical zoom.

A wide-point camera conveys double the field of perspective on the first sensor, additionally conveying a 12-megapixel goal. From one perspective, the 108MP sensor is incredible at settling point of interest, yielding its 27-megapixel results as a matter of course.

In any case, focal point flare can be an issue in any event, when not confronting straightforwardly to a light source, likely because of inner reflections. Furthermore, shoot more like a subject, and there’s hazily haloing that doesn’t look very right.

To the side of those three cameras which are masterminded evenly on the back, there’s additionally a laser self-adjust framework that is just found in the Note 20 Ultra. It’s super-quick to react. However, it appears like a portion of the camera’s capacities can’t accurately keep up.

We were shooting fish in an aquarium, for instance, and most shots were hazy not because the center hadn’t kicked in, but since the blend of settings when utilizing the long-range focal point wouldn’t empower a quick enough shade speed for a sharp introduction.


  • 4,500mAh battery limit, 25W quick charging
  • 256GB/512GB capacity, microSD card space
  • 5G network, Wi-Fi 6
  • Samsung Wireless DeX

In the background, the Note 20 Ultra especially conveys on its name. If you’re in the USA, at that point, it accompanies the best-accessible chipset for a mid-2020 dispatch: the Qualcomm SD865+. For those of us in Europe, we get Samsung’s same level Exynos chipset, the 990.

Our involvement in the Note 20 Ultra has demonstrated it to be quick and liquid every step of the way – a blend of refined programming, that versatile invigorate rate, and the presentation merely looking so by and large striking.

Stacking applications, taking notes, exchanging among screens, and pointer controls, it’s all too smooth here. So whether you’re into PUBG Mobile or are ace of spreadsheets, you can dance between everything without breaking a sweat.

The battery limit, at 4,500mAh, is marginally up on the past Note model. It’s a moderately enormous limit, yet with such vast numbers of highlights in this incredible gadget, it doesn’t proceed just as we had trusted.

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There’s some theory that the Qualcomm-controlled model may last more; however, we don’t have both for a next to each other examination.


After about ten years at the bleeding edge, the Samsung Galaxy Note arrangement is still the head of its game. Indeed, it’s anything but difficult to see Note 20 Ultra as merely one more Galaxy Note. Yet that is because it has such a significant amount of just previously and keeps on doing so now.

The new gimmicky Air Gestures with the S Pen are excusable because you’ll most likely never use them. When you do go after that pointer, you’re protected in the information that the experience is top-notch for viable, valuable note-taking encounters. As a gadget with an incorporated pointer, you’ll discover nothing better than the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

The principle issue comes down to battery life. We genuinely wish the Note 20 Ultra kept going longer since it’ll welcome on battery tension.

Keeping in mind that you can choke a few highlights that appear to resist the purpose of such a ground-breaking and highlight pressed telephone. The cameras likewise aren’t precisely as top-charged as they may peruse – the principle sensor is incredible, yet the zoom is exceeding.

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