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Rha Wireless Flight Adapter Review – Bringing Bluetooth To In-flight Entertainment


If you fly a ton, at that point, you’ll know the problem very well: bring your earphones. It’s a fiddle to get the wires connected to the in-flight theater setup with live sound. Particularly on more established a few prong frameworks. Rha wireless adapter review.

You’ll need to endure a cord getting tangled or maybe not saw by a neighbor who incidentally then hauls it out when passing. Leave your earphones at home. In any case, and the risks of those gave in-flight headsets are, well, enough said in that spot. They will, in general, be fringe pointless.

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This little box, which has two secluded 3.5mm connectors. Connects to the IFE’s sound ports and communicates a Bluetooth signal to associate with your earphones remotely. Is it a virtuoso fix with included comfort, or does it present issues of its own?

Design & Connectivity

  • 2x measured 3.5mm connectors
  • Bluetooth 5.0 remote availability, range to 10m
  • Measurements: 44 x 53 x 16mm/Weight: 23g
  • Supports aptX Low Latency

We’ve been trucking the RHA Flight Adapter around our Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 convey case, which has filled in as an ideal pair.

The RHA is a little gadget that fits all things considered without whine, close to the back-up link for those very earphones. There’s a short-length USB-C link included, which you’ll require for reviving.

The Wireless Flight Adapter offers two 3.5mm connectors. However, these are exclusively stowed. Therefore you can utilize one or both simultaneously.

It is significant for those planes where a three-prong framework is on offer involving two 3.5mm and one 2.5mm opening as it’ll make for a robust sound system association.

Be that if RHA could have offered a 3.5mm and 2.5mm combo on the Wireless Flight’s contrary side. Adapter, as some more established planes use this combo. In any case, you can fit the connector to such fittings.

However, utilizing a solitary 3.5mm association, and that doesn’t generally sidestep the drop-outs and snapping you get when attempting to adjust a single 3.5mm into such a fitting.

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As each 3.5mm offers four snap-in positions past its stowed position, there’s likewise adaptability to where the Adapter can be set. Which helps those gracelessly situated sound ports tucked close to screens, pantries.

With regards to blending the Adapter to a couple of Bluetooth earphones, it’s an instance of squeezing and-holding the single force button on the gadget.

Which will fire the status light into a blazing white. Our Bose NC 700 knew to associate in practically no time, and the status light changed to blue. Occupation is done, and simple as well.

Does it Work?

  • Good codecs: SBC, aptX, aptX Low Latency
  • 330mAh implicit battery, USB-C reviving
  • Communicate to two earphones
  • Status light

Which is fine and dandy, however does the RHA Wireless Flight Adapter work without issue? It will be subject to individual components. Of the four long stretch flights, we’ve taken during testing this gadget. Three worked consummately.

However, the fourth which happened our initial one, which made us nearly surrender trust the postponement too excessive to even think about enjoying an in-flight film, as lip-synchronize wasn’t only a little yet far out.

That is a disgrace because on a similar plane sort, worked by the same transporter, sat in the same lodge and seat, we had no such issue on the arrival venture! Along these lines, that one time, it was only an instance of returning to the wired link.

On those three fruitful flights, in any case, we intrigued by how well the RHA Flight Adapter accomplished work. We foresaw some minor deferral. However, that not the case on account of Qualcomm’s aptX Low Latency, which intended to keep up amicability with visual and sound sync.

The Bluetooth association is secure and has no drop-outs or issues to talk about as far as we can tell. It’s even conceivable to send to two sets of earphones which you won’t have any desire to do with an IFE framework, we think, however, may discover helpful if sharing an iPad between two seats and both viewing a similar show together.

Battery life set for an indicated 16 hours, which generally coupled to what our Bose earphones accomplish. So worked a treat, albeit we neglected to turn the gadgets off, and the battery depleted suddenly.

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Luckily, as the battery is genuinely little in the limit, we can charge it effectively utilizing a distant charger. Afterward, after a touch of in-flight rest, the Adapter was all set for a pre-appearance film.


In case you tired of not having the option to utilize your Bluetooth earphones during long stretch flights, then RHA has a stable arrangement in the Wireless Flight Adapter. It does what it says on the tin with insignificant exertion and issues.

We tried it on four long stretch flights, where it just had a hiccup with lip-sync on one of those events. Afterward, we completely sold on this little item.

The small size, long battery life, convenience, loud and clear stable quality, secure network, and secluded 3.5mm jacks, in any case, make this a champ. The Wireless Flight Adapter is an absolute necessity for long-standing customers hoping to capitalize on their Bluetooth earphones.

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